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Sales Order No.: SO-781883
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Si-O2 Cucumber Serum

 Cucumber Serum

Pore and Oil Control

100% cucumber essence

  1. Promotes excellent skin micro circulation for a soft, cool and clean skin
  2. It helps restore water with analgesic effect



To enhance its efficacy use with Cosmetic MT Roller


Nano-tech Product


You have a cabinet full of toners, moisturiser and serums 
and you don’t know what goes on when.

Using products in the wrong order could mean 
you’re not getting the most for your money.

Here’s a guide to make it easier for you: 


1. Toners

Toners are astringents, which means they contract tissue like pores, making your face feel tighter. They often contain alcohols and are used to remove oil from the skin as well as tightening. Therefore, you should use them first. If you have dry or sensitive skin, however, you might skip them completely because they can make dryness worse.

2. Serums

Serums are liquid cosmetics. They usually have antioxidants or peptides to minimize the day’s damage done to your skin and to give you a more youthful appearance. Serums are applied first so that there’s nothing between their expensive ingredients and your skin. The exceptions are serums that contain silicone or dimethicone. Silicone helps lock moisture in your skin, but it also acts as a barrier hindering anything above it from getting to your skin. Silicone serums should be applied last. Like expensive serums, any prescription medications should also be applied first to ensure that their active ingredients penetrate the skin unhindered. If you have both, then apply the prescription first and the serum second.

3. Eye cream,  face moisturizer

Face and eye creams can be simple moisturizers or complex anti-aging products. Eye creams usually have antioxidants to help restore this most delicate skin. If you have one, then apply it before your face cream. Otherwise, by applying your face cream first, you risk rubbing it into your eyes. Once your prescription medications (if any) serums, and eye creams have absorbed, then apply your face cream last. If your serum has silicone or dimethicone, then apply it last, so its protective ingredients are the outermost barrier. 


Corrrect application of all skin care products is important especially if they contain active ingredients that need to penetrate to the dermis to be effective. 

Not applying products in the right way can mean the active ingredients just sit on the surface and fail to have any effect at all.

The purpose of a face serum is to deliver active ingredients to your skin if you don’t put it on right,  the money you’ve spent could be wasted.

It’s definitely worth taking a little bit of time now to learn the best way of applying face serum to get the most from the active ingredients 

Here's some great tips:

  1. Active ingredients penetrate better when skin is clean, warmed and slightly moist so cleanse thoroughly in your normal manner and then apply toner if you use one.

  2. Apply a warm moist towel to your face to gently open pores and leave skin slightly moist.

  3. Apply tiny dots of serum all over your face and then blend lightly and quickly all over with your middle finger

  4. Use short light but firm strokes to apply your face serum.   Do not stretch, pull or rub the skin.

  5. Whilst the serum is still wet after applying gently tap the surface of your face with your fingers for half a minute.  

  6. You can use all your fingers both hands on either side of your face very lightly.  

  7. The tapping action encourages the serum to sink fully into the deeper layers of the skin as far as it is able to go.

  8. If you feel any tingling sensations when you apply the serum dont worry. Tingling can be a sign the active ingredients in the serum are getting to the dermis  where they need to be if they are going to work.

  9. Types of serum ingredients where you may see this result include vitamin C and retinoids

    GOOD NEWS ! Alternatively you could use devices to ensure its penetration. Check this out !!


The more you buy, the more you are going to save! 

Find out more about our other products 
and enjoy more rebate & safe up your postage cost !!

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Delivery Method:PosLaju, Skynet; All ready stock, the next day delivery! Fast and Safe!
Postage rate: Exact rate will be calculated according to weight of the parcel.
(*Does not apply inconjunction with any other Promotional Campaign Package.)